Agave Ostuni


The bedrooms- Experience the charm of Puglia

The rooms evoke a cozy and romantic atmosphere, the style of the furniture and the natural materials used for decorations such as wood and stone enhance the typical rural character of Ostuni (agro) and amplifies the sense of ancestral peace.
The floor of every room ,realized in “Apulian typical plaster” Cocciopesto and the rustic wooden doors blend perfectly with the style of the entire villa/house.
Each room has got an en suite bathroom and air conditioning or heating..



Stella bedroom owes it’s name to the memorable, beautiful vaults that give it a unique character: the natural stone. At sight it seems to escape from the rustic white walls creating an enchanting architectural effect.
The chest of drawers and wooden chair are two of the typical vintage elements of 900 century countrysoude houses of the region.
The en suite bathroom comes with all comforts such as the large shower decorated with a style perfectly in line with the bedroom.




A corridoor from the typical barrel vault introduces the “Olive bedroom”.
Housed in an antique trullo, the wood of the furniture is the predominant natural element which gives it a particular charm. The room occupies a central position in the structure and provides a pleasant view of the pool.The wardrobe has been styled using a niche cut tinto the stone wall.
The en suite bathroom has all the necessary conforts and a spacious shower as well as a blakstone wash basin set in a rough wood base.




The wide and luminous Agave room is characterized by the magnificent cone of the trullo whose natural stones give it a unique charm. The essential furnishings do not take away the guest's gaze from the natural elements but amplify the beauty. The wardrobe has been styled using a niche cut into the wall that interrupt the rounded perimeter of the room, while once in exposed stone leads to the private bathroom in which a sink made with an ancient "chianca" ostunese is the prominent element. The bathroom is equipped with all comforts and a wide shower.


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