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Culture and Traditions - Ostuni The Magnificent "White City"

If you decided to rent Villa Agave for your stay in Puglia and between a swim in the pool or a day at the beach you want to discover the most interesting points around the Valle d'Itria we can’t avoid suggesting, given the very short distance, a visit to the beautiful city of Ostuni.

The center of the magnificent "White City", a name that derives from the color of the houses of the old town of Ostuni, famous all over the world for its beauty, is only 3 km from the villa.
The White City stands on a hill and the white color of its ancient typical houses stands out against the green of the olive trees of the surrounding countryside. The best way to visit the city is to get lost in the maze of streets that rise and fall in the historic center: the heart of the city of Ostuni is Piazza della Libertà dominated by the imposing statue of Sant'Oronzo, the Patron Saint, who dominates from its 21 meters in height.

Porta nel centro di Ostuni - Cosa vedere vicino villa Agave vacanza in affitto

From the Piazza, continuing along Via Cattedrale, a pedestrian street that crosses the old town, you go up to the ancient Gothic-Romanesque Cathedral which has now become a museum; Going further, you reach Via Oronzo Quaranta, which offers a panoramic view of the sea and of the surrounding countryside; walking in the intricate labyrinth of the old town characterized by winding streets, stairways and small squares, you will find scattered here and the craft shops and small restaurants where you can taste dishes based on typical Apulian products. After a relaxing day at Villa Agave we suggest you not miss this almost obligatory stop to experience the true essence of Puglia and its territory!

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