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Torre Guaceto beach riserva Brindisi Ostuni


Most of the guests staying at Villa Agave Ostuni also want to spend a little time by the sea to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean coasts, so they are interested in receiving information that can help them choose the best place according with their taste and needs: which is the nearest place, where to find a beach equipped with all comforts or more naturalistic stretches of coast, sandy beaches or cliffs, parking areas nearby, bars and restaurants where to find refreshment.
Despite being located on the top of a hill, Ostuni is far only few kilometers from some of the most evocative stretches of coast of the high Salento and also in 2019 it received the deserved recognition with the assignment of the Blue Flag, thanks to the crystalline sea and efficient services .

The aim of this short article is to provide suggestions and information to those staying at Villa Agave - for rent in the countryside of Ostuni - in order to reach the most attractive stretches of coast in just a few minutes.


The coastal area described is that which extends from Ostuni marina towards south, Brindisi direction.


An oasis of tranquility just a few kilometers from Ostuni, ideal for spending a day by the sea in close contact with nature and away from overcrowded beaches.
Let yourself be enchanted by the scents and colors of the Mediterranean in one of the coves of fine sand or on the suggestive cliffs.
Free stretch of coast with ample free parking availability.
Distance from Villa Agave 16 Km, 15 - 20 minutes by car.


For all lovers of the sea and nature, a visit to the Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto is a must.
Proceeding along the SS 379 towards south, just 25 minutes by car from the White City, you will find one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places of Salento.
The marine reserve extends for about 8 km of coast and is characterized by the alternation of long stretches of sand and rocky areas; it is ideal for those who practice snorkeling: you can admire the seabed rich in colors and a multitude of algae, crustaceans, sponges and fish.
Except for the spot of sea under the tower, totally subject to protection, in all the rest of the reserve bathing is free. Ample parking and shuttle service to the beach available.
Distance from Villa Agave 27 Km, about 25 minutes by car.


Continuing south along the SS 379, you get to a beach equipped with comfortable relaxation areas: beach loungers, gazebos, bars where you can quench your thirst with a cold drink and a restaurant.
Boa Gialla is located in the splendid setting of Torre Guaceto , not to be missed is the walk along the cliffs and on the seashore of the beach below which extends to the Reserve. It is the ideal place to refresh and regenerate after an excursion in the Reserve, enjoying excellent dishes of Apulian cuisine based on fish and meat. Parking available and also shuttle service to the beach of Torre Guaceto.
Distance from Villa Agave 31 Km, about 30 minutes by car.

Guna Beach

The Guna Beach is an exclusive beach surrounded by centuries-old dunes. Walking along the seashore you can take a long walk on the fine sand up to the Torre Guaceto reserve. On the lawn of a natural terrace that rises above the beach there are private gazebos with curtains where you can enjoy relaxation and privacy.
The restaurant offers dishes based on typical Apulian products and fresh fruit, the bar prepares delicious cocktails to be enjoyed while watching the sunset by the sea.
Ample parking available.
Distance from Villa Agave 32 km, about 30 minutes by car.

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